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Beleco is a Moroccan company specialized in cultivation of organic aromatic and medical plants.
The organic herb farm is located in Belfâa which is about 50 km in the south of Agadir in the region of Souss-Massa in Morocco.

13 ha of fields and 1,7 ha of greenhouses are certified by the high ecological Standard which is accomplished by the well known institut ECOCERT.

Ecological agriculture is not only about a temporary market trend, but it is furthermore concerning life attitude.

Our contribution in the region

Since the foundation of BELECO the company is involved in the continious development of the region Belfaa.

BELECO is always striving after beeing in balance with its sustainable and natural environment and therefore willing to make a contribution in the region.

The Sous Plain is one of the most fertile landmarks in Morocco and offers the best conditions for herbal cultivation.

The more modern methods of cultivation and irrigation aim at the sustainable fertility of the site and ensure the consistently high quality of the broad range of herbs.

To now make a contribution in the region, BELECO has become part of a development program for organic farming.

This particular public-private partnership project has been set up by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

and the SEQUA development organization in order to support European private sector companies that plan practiced-oriented training in developing countries.

As part of the development program, local farmers are supported in their work and receive help for the conversion into organic farms.

This assistance is intended to have a positive impact on the region, where should be responsible production,as well as committed and respectful interaction with

the environment. The achievement of these objectives has to be ensured by a solid education of the farmers in regard to certain production techniques and support

concerning the preparation for the ecological certifications.


BELECO has dried and also fresh herbs in the production range. This wide range is mainly produced for international export. The high demands of our customers and the pursuit of fresh and organic high-quality goods presuppose certain production standards, which are ensured by the continuous control within the development program.


The best results are usually obtained by a partner. PLANTAWALLE is our expert on herbs and supports the planning, monitoring and sampling of the products.

During the successful cooperation BELECO has gained a lot of know-how and valuable experiences. On that basis BELECO is continually striving after further development of its processes and wants to extend the acquired knowledge of organic herbal cultivation.

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